Amortization Schedule

Loan Periodic Table.

About Us

About Amortization was established to provide consumers with an online resource, where they can access a mortgage calculator and a host of other industry’s resources that can help in the management of finances. There’s still a lack of industry’s websites that truly provide guides and assistance for potential and existing property owners. Most of the websites are bank-run and managed by financial institutions, thus the resources and guides offered are mostly applicable to their business and operations. It is the mission of this site to come up with an objective tool in the form of a About Amortization that can help consumers anticipate the monthly amortization even before they sign up the mortgage or financing plan.

We understand the need of homeowners to come up with informed decisions when it comes to mortgages, thus our About Amortization has been configured to provide the best calculations. The mortgage loan is an important financing that will help families buy their home without having to pay cash. In a search for a financing option, it is critical that an applicant should estimate the potential loan payments and how the schedule of payments may affect one’s financial standing. This is where the About Amortization comes into the picture. It’s a decision-making tool online that empowers people to take charge of their finances.

By simply indicating the required information, one can have a better understanding of the potential interests and the principal balances. The same calculator can be used as well in determining the implications of principal prepayments. Just click on ‘Calculate’ in order to come up with a schedule of potential monthly amortization for a given mortgage and terms.


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